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1. Does the boat come with a warranty?

The warranty level of each boat we sell depends on the sale status of the boat. All new boats are supplied with a minimum one year factory warranty covered by the boat builder. New boats are also normally supplied with additional warranty cover on the engine and drive systems of at least 2 years, but up to 5 years on Mercury outboard engines. Used stock boats (i.e. owned by GulfStream Marine) are supplied with a minimum 3 months warranty covering the boat and engine. Brokerage boats (being sold on behalf of a private client) are sold with no warranties either express or implied. In these instances buyers are advised to engage the services of a marine surveyor or otherwise satisfy themselves as to the condition of the boat before they commit to purchase. If you are unsure of the warranty status on the particular boat that you are interested in please ask us and we will be happy to clarify the situation for you.

2. Can I get a survey of the boat?

Yes. We are more than happy to make any boat we sell available for survey. Lift out costs (where applicable) to facilitate a survey are usually covered by the purchaser in a brokerage sale. We can also supply a list of local independent marine surveyors who can carry out vessel condition surveys. We are not affiliated in any way to the suggested surveyors.

3. How can I pay?

We can accept payments by cheque, debit card, banker’s draft and BACS or electronic money transfer. In certain cases restrictions on some payment methods do apply. It should also be noted that we cannot release or deliver any boats without being in receipt of cleared funds in the full amount of the agreed purchase price.

4. Do you offer finance?

We can recommend a number of specialist marine finance providers and assist in the submission of boat information for your loan application.

5. Is my deposit refundable?

Our primary concern at GulfStream Boat Sales is that our customers are entirely happy with the boat they are purchasing and are comfortable with the buying process. For this reason we consider all boat holding deposits fully refundable, unless otherwise expressly stated, until the purchaser has either inspected the boat personally or had a condition survey carried out to their satisfaction, and returned a signed copy of a contract of sale. What this means is that if you decide to put down a holding deposit on a boat advertised on our site prior to physically seeing the boat and then after inspecting the boat you decide not to purchase then your deposit is fully refundable. For clarification on the status of deposit payments in relation to the purchase of new, used stock or brokerage boats please see the details on the buying process for each of these types of sale.

6. How can I be sure that my deposit and part payment funds are safe?

As members of the Irish Marine Federation we adhere to all industry best practice requirements and recommendations for the protection of customer and client monies. All deposits and part payments for brokerage boats are paid into our dedicated ring fenced client account, where all funds remain until the sale of the boat has completed, at which point the proceeds of the sale are released to the boat seller.

7. When should I assume responsibility for insuring the boat?

The insurance risk in any boat we sell passes to the purchaser at the moment of completion of the sell. Therefore the purchaser should ensure that they have made arrangements to

insure their boat from the day of the final payment and completion of the sale. If you need assistance finding a suitable insurer we can put you in touch with specialist marine insurers.

8. Can you service / modify the boat that I am buying?

Yes. If you are buying a new boat or used stock boat we are more than happy to modify or accessorise the boat to your specific requirements, from the installation of tailored electronics packages to wakeboard towers and speakers . Often this is something that we can discuss and work out together prior to finalising the details of the sale. In the case of brokerage boats we can also carry out boat maintenance and equipment installations after the completion of the sale. This will normally be arranged by separate contract with GulfStream Marine distinct from the contract of purchase made with the boat seller. For complete details of our engineering capabilities and offering please visit

9. How can I get the boat to my home berth?

We are more than happy to assist you in arranging the transport of your new boat back to your home berth. We are export specialists and can help with everything from getting door-to-door transport or ferry quotes to arranging the necessary paperwork for your boat movement, whether it is going 10 miles down the road or to continental Europe.

Please note the above answers are provided for information purposes only and the information contained therein does not form any part of a legally binding contract.